Jazz in Madrid – from Café Central to Clamores

Over the past 20 years there has been an upsurge in the amount of jazz bars in the capital and now you can fin dquite a few dotted around the city. Café Central, close to Madrid’s Plaza Santa Ana, is probably the best known Jazz club in Madrid. Popular in the day when you can have a coffee, but really comes to life at 10 p.m. when the live performances start. Address: Plaza del Angel, 10; Metro: Sol /Antón Martín. Here is a brief selction of other venues:

Café Populart is another popular venue for jazz in the capital and is situated in c/Huertas, 22 – Metro: Antón Martín). Their website gives you a run down of events for the coming month.

Clamores – it is reckoned that some of the best jazz artists appear at this popular venue in c/Albuquerque, 14 – Metro: Bilbao

La Coquette is a small, smoky bar near Puerta del Sol which offers great jazz music and atmosphere. Address: c/Hileras, 14; Metro: Sol or Opera. Live music on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

One thought on “Jazz in Madrid – from Café Central to Clamores”

  1. Jazz in Madrid – Populart
    Good music but disgusting atmosphere.
    You won’t be able to listen without drunk people shouting everywhere in the place.
    The night I visited Populart cafe, some italian guys where so unpolite that the musics had to stop playing and left.
    There are some other serious places in the city: segundo jazz, cafe central, boguijazz…

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