Trocha Pub – “Place of the Caipirinha”

Twelve years ago, I had my first Caipirinha. I was hanging out with some friends at the beach in a small town on the coast of southern Brasil. It wasn’t a great experience, I can tell you!

Today I sit at a bar in Madrid called Trocha Pub. A small cozy space with lots of pillows, bright colors and mellow jazz playing over the stereo. Taking a sip of the Caipirinha that sits in front of me now makes me glad that I was first introduced to them. You see, Trocha Pub makes itself known as the "Place of the Caipirinha" and for good reason. In the bar, they have two wooden presses to help make your drink. These handy wood presses crush the limes in the glass releasing the tart juices. By the way, if you do stop in here some night, know that you can order almost any mixed drink you want, but why bother?

These guys know what they are doing when it comes to caipirinhas and can make a drink that will help transport anyone to a far away place. Half limes and half lemons, a healthy dose of sugar, a generous topper of Cachaça (Brasilian rum distilled from sugar cane) and a sprinkling of crushed ice. Taking a sip your mouth encounters both sweet and sour mingled with an exotic breeze that makes you stop and think for a moment before you dive back in for another sip. Who can think of a better way to start off a night than with a Caipirinha!

As a contributor to this blog I hope to take you with me around Madrid and Spain as I try to taste a bit of the world while learning something along the way. Stayed tuned, more to come!

Till soon, Ryan

anRecipe for a Caipirinha

One rocks glass filled with quartered lemons and limes


Crushed ice



With the back of a wood spoon crush Lemon/limes in rocks glass

Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of sugar over the top (or to taste)

Pour Cachaça in almost to the top

Top off with crushed ice

Stir gently



Trocha "el lugar de la Caipirinha"
Tapas: yes (mixed nuts)


Add: C/Huertas, 55
Tel: 91 429 78 61

Metro: Anton Martin

Specialties: Caipirinha’s 5euros each

Ryan Opaz currently lives in Madrid with his wife.
He is available for hire as a food and wine consultant, and maintains/writes

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  1. I visited this same bar while I was studying in Spain last year. I loved the atmosphere and especially the Caipirinhas. Glad to hear someone else enjoyed the same pleasures I had to relax and enjoy some great music/drinks.

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