Flamenco-World.com opens its first shop

Tienda3 For over 8 years Flamenco-World.com has had a web presence and has grown into on of the major flamenco web sites in the world. Now, as a result of demand from its readers/customers, it has opened its first shop in Madrid. The shop is located in Madrid’s well-known c/Huertas and has two rooms which display a variety of flamenco-related products, from CD’s and DVD’s to books, shoes, postcards, guitars, shawls, box drums and accessories. Their intention is the following:

“We want to cater to the demanding enthusiast, but also to the tourist and the curious seeking a place representative of that part of Spanish culture which is flamenco, presented enticingly and seriously, as heritage of the people and not just of sybarites”.

Walking along c/Huertas, which is one of the main centre’s of Madrid’s nightlife, a couple of weeks back I couldn’t help but see the shop front in daytime with its deep red colours – this is quite strange as the bars & restaurants of this famous nightspot tend to be invisible in daytime!

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Flamenco-world.com inaugurates its first store

Address: c/Huertas, 62 (view map location)
Metro: Antón Martín

2 thoughts on “Flamenco-World.com opens its first shop”

  1. i am looking for names and address of flamenco guitar in Jerez during this summer. Could you help me te find one please? i know very well your shop, i enjoy it a lot!
    Hasta luego

  2. Hi, we will be visiting Madrid in a couple of weeks. I am a guitar player. I will visit your shop, but wanted some advice on a nice club near Clle de Pricipe that has good flamenco guitar. It needs to be appropriate for teenagers as well. Thanks. Robb

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