My Madrid – Andrés Jarabo Perez

AndresjaraboAndrés Jarabo was born in the nothern part of the Madrid province, wher he lived most of his life. At the age of 27 he started making car trips to the city center fascinated by a ‘secret’ neighborhood known as Hapsburg Madrid. Currently he struggles to combine his accountancy career with the social and gastronomic events he has been organizing for the past five years in Hapsburg Madrid – Andres is behind the popular Walks of Madrid wine and restaurant tours. Recently, and backed up by his family, he was made partner in an important Hapsburg restaurant – La Taperia de la Abuela – where we throws most of his events. Andrés is currently promoting his new Madrid Tapas Parade – an introduction to the finest Spanish tapas.
Favourite Bar/Café – La Taberna de Antonio Sanchez [ed: reputed to be the oldest bar in Madrid] on a hot summer´s night.
Favourite Dish – Paella negra con ali-oli
Favourite Tapas – Fried red hot spicy shrimps (gambas al ajillo) with a glass of frozen, crispy Brut Cava.
Favourite Restaurant
– Aside from the obvious, Lucio.
Favourite Shop – Any video club, specially the ones with a ‘Classics’ section.
Best time of year in Madrid – Spring, Summer and Autumn
Favourite Barrio –  La Latina, safe from the noises, fumes and tensions of the world and at the same time happening and fulled of interesting people.
Favourite Building(s)El Palacio del Cordón
My favourite day trip from Madrid is to … Toledo, but if you like it don´t hesitate to stay the night. Toledo at night, specially during the warm months is one of the most mysterious and romantic places in the world.
A perfect ‘night out’ in Madrid would be… wherever in the city center as long as I am with my friends. Warm weather doesn´t hurt either.
My favourite walk – Summer time, Walkman on, walk and walk till I get lost in the city center and I find myself in streets I had never been to before.

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