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I was reading an article on 20 Minutos earlier today called (in English) “the rebellion of the bikes“, which was discussing not just the fact that Madrid is a “hostile environment for bikes” but that there there is a growing increase in the number of people who are starting to use bikes to get around the city. I have also seen a growing trend in foregin tourists travelling around Madrid’s historic sites on bike.

Madrid doesn’t have too many hills but it does, in its favour, have a number of parks – such as the Retiro, Casa de Campo, the grounds around the Royal Palace and the Parque del Oriente. It also has an increasing number of pedestrian areas – indeed in some parts of old Madrid you will hardly see any cars.

One company which is helping to get more people on to the streets is By Bike, a bike rental company located near the Retiro Park. Their location makes it ideal to get around Madrid’s large, central park and they can even offer recommendations for other locations in Madrid – such as the Green Belt, which has a dedicated cycle path and takes you out as far as the Royal Palace of El Pardo.

Prices for bike hire start at 4 Euros an hour, with one day costing 22 Euros. If you’re interested, there is also a bike demonstration by nudists starting at 12 p.m. from the Cibeles Fountain!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Around Madrid By Bike”

  1. Indeed By Bike is a good place to rent a bike. We got our bikes there when we did a tour with Mad-Bike. They do guided tours through the center of Madrid, and I must say, the post above is right. You wouldn´t think anyone would ride a bike in Madrid the first time you come out of the metro, but this tour was perfect! Guides spoke proper english and were very friendly. We can really recommend it! They´re on
    Joris & Eva

  2. I have been in Madrid and rented a bike with my wife at the shop of, located in the city centre of Madrid, close to Puerta del Sol. This company is located in the Calle de los Jardines 12 – fantastic bikes, very comfortable and fair prices: half day – 4 hours: 8 Euros – one day: 12 Euros – helmet and lock included. Not bad at all. Five stars for this newcomer on the streets of Madrid.

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