Looking For Collaborators For Mad About Madrid

As many of you will have noticed this website has not had many articles published of late!! This has purely been down to the fact that I have dedicated ALL my time to building my consultancy and training company, Marketing Tom Media.

However, in 2009 I plan to change the whole direction of Mad About Madrid and intend to turn it into one of the most exciting travel blogs on the web. It will feature video blogging, Google mashups and a number of Social Media tools.

In order to make this happen I require the help of collaborators from within and outside Madrid. They will have an understanding and love of the city and be willing to write articles, take photos and even add videos.

If you would like to help me realise the potential of Mad About Madrid and make some money along the way, please get in touch with me. I will be in Madrid from the 26th December for 10 days if you’d like to meet up for a coffee (or a beer!).

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